Ziemann Holvrieka

For more than 165 years, Ziemann Holvrieka has provided individual and tailor-made solutions for the beer, beverage and liquid food industries from a single source. The services are offered worldwide, with the highest quality and the reliability of a global group of experts. Ziemann Holvrieka designs and manufactures turnkey production plants, process technology and stainless steel storage and process tanks for the beverage and liquid food industries.

The technical knowledge of its engineers, paired with practical experience from countless projects makes Ziemann Holvrieka a strong and reliable partner. We know the challenges to our customers and meet them with state of the art and practice-approved solutions. Its tradition of longstanding global relationships allow the company to give its customers answers they can rely on. 

Ziemann Holvrieka’s customers enjoy a decisive advantage: a complete brewery comes from one source. This requires extensive competence, smooth interfaces, fast communication, flexible decisions and first-class service. Ziemann Holvrieka develops, engineers, manufactures and implements for example brewery plants, complete dairy installations or juice terminals that ensure efficient and effective operations in the long run, while safeguarding an optimum product quality together with a fast return on investment and low life cycle costs.

Strong worldwide reputation

Ziemann Holvrieka plays a pioneering role in development, manufacturing and the installation of equipment for multiple segments within the industries in which we are active. The company's worldwide reputation was earned through specialized knowledge and experience acquired within the company. The production facilities are located in Nantong (China), Burgstadt (Germany), Sneek (the Netherlands) and Menen (Belgium). For more detailed information, please visit: www.ziemann-holvrieka.com 

Photo: Production facility in Burgstadt (Germany)

Left: Production facility in Nantong (China), Top right: Production facility in Menen (Belgium), Bottom right: Production facility in Sneek (the Netherlands)