Process Technology & Automation

Process technology

Our companies are experts in process engineering, be it in the brew-house area or for cellar plants including yeast management, filtration, PVPP, or bright beer cellars. When it comes to planning for routing of process piping for all media, special emphasis is placed on shortest possible routes and well thought-out options for future expansions. The cellar piping concept is characterized its shortest possible product piping routes. It can be designed for manual or semi-automatic operations and even for fully automatic operation.

Process automation

Process automation ensures that your plant is controlled in an effective and reliable way. We deliver multiple solutions, from system hardware to intelligent network structures, special software modules for controlling batch processes and material flows up to and including the interface to ERP systems.

Multiple breweries, on a global scale, rely on our companies and BRAUMAT, the constantly further developed process control system tailored to beer production. Their years of cooperation with SIEMENS enable them to offer a dense network of service branch offices. A network that provides its customers reliable and competent support for both new equipment installations as well as upgrades.