DME Process Systems

DME Process Systems builds a wide range of products including bio extractors, marine exhaust scrubbers and cyclone separators. However, most of its completed projects are in the craft brewing industry. The company has considerable expertise in designing and fabricating standard and customized systems and has therefore established a strong brand recognition for its brewing systems on a global scale.

DME Process Systems consists of two brands: DME Brewing Solutions and NSI Newlands. Both organizations have a 25 year legacy in the design, fabrication and installation of brewing solutions. Together, both brands have built more than 1600 breweries in 70 countries.


DME Brewing Solutions

Quality. Reliability. Experience.

Founded in 1991, DME Brewing Solutions is internationally recognized as a leader in the custom design and fabrication of equipment for Brewing, BioTech, BioEngery, Industrial Food & Beverage, Water Treatment, Decor and Marine Applications. DME has successfully completed projects for over 1200 craft brewing customers on a global scale. 

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NSI Newlands

Built for brewers, by brewers.

With over 25 years of experience within the brewing industry, Newlands designs breweries from the brew master’s perspective. From brewery design, to custom fabrication, to onsite installation and training; Newlands prides itself on being there step by step with the customer, throughout the entire process.

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Combining Strengths

In March 2019, DME was acquired by our group. DME’s excellent capabilities in, among others, the fast paced craft brewing industry strongly contribute to the existing product portfolio of CETP. The other way around, joining CETP allows the DME group to benefit from our competitive infrastructure and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities around the world.