Since Briggs of Burton became part of the CETP group, several larger turnkey projects in the distilling industry were realized, where the client benefited from the combination of Briggs’ strong engineering capabilities and the group’s capabilities in worldclass stainless steel tank manufacturing. Briggs can realize large turnkey projects in the distillery industry, its product portfolio consists of the following: 

  • Raw Material Handling
  • Mash House
  • Yeast Systems
  • Fermentation
  • Still House
  • Cask Filling & Disgorging
  • Clean In Place (CIP)

Briggs has a long heritage in Distilling and in recent years, the company has been particularly active in the expansion of the Scottish distilling industry. Briggs has performed substantial projects for a number of distillers operating on a global scale, which included the doubling of capacity of Europe's largest grain distillery (potable) and a significant volume of work in the single malt sector. Now, Briggs is actively expanding into Asia and North West America.