Briggs of Burton

With over 285 years of experience, Briggs of Burton is one of the pioneers of process engineering in the world. The Briggs Group is involved in the Brewing, Distilling, Food, Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty and Biofuels markets, providing process engineering solutions for leading companies. Especially in the Distilling and Brewing industry, Briggs enjoys an outstanding reputation. The company offers leading technologies for mash conversion, lautering, mash filtration, wort boiling, maturation and conditioning. 

Briggs’ capabilities include process engineering, project management, consultancy, mechanical design, and high-integrity manufacturing. A rigorous approach towards Health & Safety and Quality Management, underpins everything Briggs does. Our customers are leading companies in the Brewing, Distilling, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Biotech industry. 

Combining strengths

Since the acquisition and inclusion within CETP, Briggs of Burton have realized several large turnkey projects in which the client has benefited from the combination of Briggs' strong engineering capabilities and the group’s capabilities in world-class stainless steel tank and process manufacturing.