Our companies have built an excellent reputation for workmanship and quality in the beer industry. We develop, manufacture and implement brewing equipment everywhere around the world. From the smallest microbreweries in to the largest turnkey breweries: we can deliver it. We are able to manufacture one-piece, cylindro-conical fermentation and storage tanks with various diameters. Tanks and brewhouses that are too big to transport in one piece, can be assembled at the customer site from components pre-fabricated in one of our factories. 

Turnkey Brewery Systems
Everything from one source, convincing overall concepts with well aligned and compatible plant components, that characterizes our turnkey breweries. Starting with engineering studies, up to and including commissioning, turnkey projects are developed in close cooperation with the customers. Regardless of where in the world a brewery is to be built, expanded, or modernized – our focus is on customer satisfaction and the quality of beer.

The brewhouse is the heart of every brewery, in which the interaction of the individual components is of the utmost importance. We offer technologically sophisticated brewhouse equipment, with a high emphasis on maximum efficiency: short brewing sequences, highest yields and bright worts. In the brewing and beverage industry, a proper and careful cleaning of equipment is essential. A correct cleaning process ensures maintaining a high quality of production. The CIP systems of our companies guarantee you an optimum cleaning of your equipment.

Cellar Plant
The cellar plant of a brewery is a primary factor that determines the character and quality of the finished beer. With our proven and continuously further developed tank and process technology, we offer tailored solutions that take economic aspects and functional performance capabilities into account. 

Production Block
The entire production block of a brewery from one source. From efficient brewhouse technology to well-designed cellar plant equipment and energy-conscious utility planning. This is what our customers can rely on.

Fermentation and Storage

We offer fermentation and storage tanks, bright beer tanks, yeast tanks and all required CIP tanks. We plan, engineer and automate the process and the cleaning technology in all areas, including the installation of process pipework and the integration of all required utilities. For modernisations, capacity expansions as well as for completely new brewery plants – we will take care of them.

An integrated approach towards design and the understanding of high-tech systems resulted in long lasting business relationships with multiple reputable beer breweries. By combining tradition with advanced production technologies, our companies actively contribute to the dynamic beer industry.