Ziemann Holvrieka is a leader in designing, engineering and implementing turnkey projects for new breweries as well as expansions and modernizations of existing breweries,. Ensuring true turnkey capabilities of highest quality, using state-of-the-art and reliable technologies without compromise. It is important to mention that they not only produce brew house plants but also tanks. Moreover, they are the world’s only supplier who manufactures both lauter tuns and mash filters.

Ziemann Holvrieka customers enjoy a decisive advantage: the complete brewery comes from one source. This means extensive competence, smooth interfaces, fast communication, flexible decisions and first-class service. Ziemann Holvrieka develops, engineers, manufactures and implements brewery plants that operate most efficiently and effectively in the long run, while producing optimum product quality together with a fast return on investment and low life cycle costs

Since 1947, Ziemann Holvrieka plays a pioneering role in development, manufacturing and installation of stainless steel tanks. It’s reputation among worldwide reputable customers is earned through specialized knowledge and experience acquired within the company. Ziemann Holvrieka never takes the standards of quality and continuity for granted. On the contrary, these standards are the guide in our products and services.

Ziemann Holvrieka products can be found all over the world. The companies innovative engineering services, tailor-made tanks and accessories. Furthermore, they take care of installation and assembly work. Ziemann Holvrieka is an active part of an efficient network of specialized companies within CIMC Enric Group. Therefore, they provide all-in logistical concepts. Their services also include fluid transportation by land and sea. Ziemann Holvrieka operates for a variety of
brands and clients. All have their own reputation, but they share a great concern for quality.

For more detailed information please visit their website: www.ziemann-holvrieka.com